Denver disability attorney Explains the Social Security Disability Hearing Procedure

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a published manual, known as the HALLEX, which among other things establishes the procedure for a claimant’s disability hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ.) Your Denver disability attorney can explain, however, that the SSA regulations concerning the hearing are not described in much detail. Therefore, each ALJ conducts his or her hearing in a very individualized manner.

What the HALLEX Specifically Provides

The ALJ in your case will:

1. Look fully into the issues
2. Question the claimant and other witnesses and
3. Accept as evidence any documents that are material to the issues.

Witnesses will testify under oath and the ALJ will allow your Denver disability attorney to question these witnesses.

How Different ALJs Conduct Hearings

The primary difference in the manner in which an ALJ will conduct a hearing stems from whether or not a claimant is represented by a Denver disability attorney. Issues such as the length and content of an opening statement, the degree to which the ALJ questions the claimant and whether the ALJ questions the claimant before or after the claimant’s attorney asks questions are all among the variables. Some ALJs ask witnesses to remain in the waiting room while the claimant testifies; others do not.

What to Expect

A qualified Denver disability attorney will have you well prepared for your hearing. Of course anything can happen, but good preparation goes a long way toward receiving a favorable decision.

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