When your Denver Social Security lawyer requests a hearing for your disability claim, you may be contacted by an attorney advisor. The attorney advisor, whose job description includes writing decisions for Administrative Law Judges (ALJ), reviews your file and, if he or she feels it’s incomplete, may request additional evidence or even a prehearing conference, which can be as informal as a telephone call.

If a decision is rendered

At this point, the attorney adviser can issue a decision. If you’re happy with the decision, the hearing request will be dismissed; if you’re not, you have 30 days to request that plans for the hearing proceed. Attorney advisor decisions are reviewed by the Appeals Council, not an ALJ.

The ALJ hearing

If your hearing is unaffected by the attorney advisor’s review, you will need to appear before the ALJ, either in person or via videoconferencing. Your Denver Social Security lawyer will help you prepare for this. Evidence that would not be admissible in court may be submitted at your ALJ hearing, and testimony from vocational or medical experts (again, either in person or via videoconferencing) will also be applied to your case. Even though testimony at the ALJ hearing is taken under oath, this is not a contentious court experience. Once the evidence is collected and the hearing is over, the ALJ will issue a decision.

If you want more detailed information about the procedures used for Social Security disability hearings, call Denver Social Security lawyer John Cimino.