In preparation for your Social Security disability hearing, you Denver disability lawyer will explain not only the best manner in which you should testify, but also how the procedure of the hearing will be conducted.  This will allow you to feel more at ease and as a result your testimony will be that much more effective.

The Order in which Things Happen at the Hearing

Denver disability lawyerOf course each judge has his or her own unique style, but many begin the hearing by reciting the “case history” of your disability claim and stating the essential issues to be decided.  However, the language the judge will use may be confusing to you.  Typically a judge will quote directly from the disability manuals and state that in order to be found disabled you must be “unable to perform substantial gainful activity which exists in significant numbers in the economy, considering your age, education and work experience.”  Don’t worry.  Your Denver disability lawyer has prepared you; be confident in your case and answer the questions the judge asks.

Will My Denver Disability Lawyer Be Able to Speak?

Yes.  Most judges will ask you some questions first and then will leave it up to your lawyer to question you.  It is important to remember that the judge is hearing information about your case for the first time.  Yes, you lawyer and you know all the facts, but this is your opportunity to convince the judge of how your impairments have impacted your life.  The judge may have read your file, but as you testify it is best to assume that the judge knows nothing about your case.  Plan on explaining everything.

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