YourDenverdisability lawyer can advise you regarding specific things to do to keep your particular disability benefits. However, know that keeping your Social Security benefits is much easier than what you went through to acquire those benefits. Very few people actually lose their benefits, but it does happen. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure your benefits continue.

Know what to file

Be sure that you are clear regarding what you need to submit to continue to substantiate your disability. The review of this information is much less stringent, but you must provide whatever the Social Security Administration wants. Be sure to read the publications that are sent to you by the Social Security Administration. It publishes lots of helpful, easy to understand booklets.

Know when to file

Be aware of deadlines. Not only do you need to file the correct documents, you must do so on time. Get yourself a calendar, or establish some sort of system, to remind your self of important deadlines.

Know where to file

Make sure that you are clear where to report your information. Keep a copy of everything that you submit. If you are able, it is a good idea to pay a couple extra dollars at the post office and get a return receipt for the things you send to the Social Security Administration. This way you have a good record of when you sent your documents, and that they were received.

Keep everything safe

Try to organize all your Social Security records, decisions, notices, correspondence with the Social Security Administration, and your communications with your Denver disability lawyer. Keep them all in a safe place.

Finally, be wary of the information provided by Social Security Administration’s 1-800 number. If you are confused or have questions, it is best that you stop into a Social Security office or consult aDenverdisability lawyer.

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