Claimants who are attempting to obtain Social Security disability benefits should be aware that there are four different levels of administrative adjudication for Social Security claims. Those levels are the initial determination, the reconsideration level, the hearing in front of the administration law judge (ALJ), and the review by the Appeals Council. ADenverdisability attorney will tell you that if further review of your case is necessary, it can be forwarded to a federal court for a decision.

In all except one instance, the amount of time that a claimant will have to file an appeal of a Social Security disability case will be about 60 days from the date that the decision was received. Since there is a strong assumption that claimants will receive their decisions in about five days from the date that’s noted on the front of the decision, unless there is evidence to prove otherwise, the effective time limit will be 65 days from the date of the decision. The only exception to the 65-day effective time limit for an appeal arises with respect to appealing an ALJ denial to the Appeals Council after there has been a federal court remand. The time limit for these types of appeals is only 30 days.

A Denver disability attorney will further advise claimants to make note that whenever the timeframe for asking for the next appellate step ends on a Saturday, Sunday, legal holiday, or any other day on which all or part is a non-workday for federal employees, the submission period will be extended to include the next full workday.

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