In some rare instances, you may encounter additional activity at the conclusion of testimony in your hearing. In all cases, you should just allow your Colorado Social Security disability attorney to finish the job.

Final round of testimonies

After your testimony, your Colorado Social Security disability attorney lawyer will be allowed to question any witnesses you brought to the hearing. It’s crucial for you to bring at least one witness who can corroborate your statements, provide details about your disability, or just present a new perspective on your medical problems. At the conclusion of their testimony, the judge will call any doctor or vocational expert to testify.

Post testimony activity and ruling

Some judges will ask you if you have any final statements after the hearing. You should decline and allow your Colorado Social Security disability attorney to handle final arguments. Most judges will allow lawyers to make their closing statement at the end of the hearing or submit it as written statement.

A minority of judges will actually inform you that you won the case. They issue a “bench decision,” which refers to a decision made right at the hearing. The court will mail copies of the written decision to you and your Colorado Social Security disability attorney, as they do after regular decisions. But a written copy of the bench decision will arrive in a few days, while the conventional written decision will take longer to process.

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