Administrative Law Judges

About the Administrative Law Judge

You have waited for months. Your big day is finally here. Your Social Security hearing is tomorrow. What is going to happen? Who will be there? What will happen? Will you be asked a lot of questions? Your Denver Social Security lawyer will be invaluable in preparing you for this important day so that you are well-prepared.

A Social Security disability hearing is held before an administrative law judge (ALJ). The ALJ is a neutral fact-finder whose job is to fully inquire into the disability issues and determine whether you are disabled by meeting the requirements outlined in the Social Security Act. Generally, ALJs tend to grant disability benefits to approximately 60 percent of all claimants who appeal to this hearing level.

Disability hearings are less formal than court hearings. It is also non-adversarial, in that there is no opposing counsel representing the Social Security Administration (SSA). You have the option of either appearing in person or via video teleconferencing before the ALJ. Furthermore, you may admit evidence that would otherwise not be admissible in court under the rule of evidence.

A major step in preparing for you disability hearing is to gather and submit the necessary medical records and other documentary evidence necessary to prove your medical impairments. Your Denver Social Security lawyer will also determine if any expert witnesses need to testify in order to strengthen your case. If so, your lawyer will present their testimony at the hearing by examining and cross-examining them if necessary.

Overall, your Denver Social Security lawyer can give you specific advice about how hearings are conducted in your local Office of Hearings and Appeals. Take the time to prepare yourself for your hearing.

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