Your Social Security Disability Benefits Application: Doctor Letters and Common Mistakes

An important type of evidence in a Denver Social Security disability claim is medical records. You, as a claimant, will not have to gather the medical records; the Social Security Administration will do so for you. Whether or not you should have a doctor write a letter for you is question you will have to decide with your Denver Social Security disability lawyer. There are some cases where people win their cases by including a letter written by the treating physician with the initial application. On the other hand, however, a doctor might unwittingly give the wrong impression in the letter and actually hurt a claim. This is because the medical-legal issues associated with most disability cases are quite complex. In most cases, then, it is not advisable to request that your doctor write a letter for your initial application. If your claim goes to the hearing level, your Denver disability lawyer will contact your doctor for you and ensure that your doctor’s letter helps, rather than hinders, your case.

The two most detrimental mistakes made by people when applying for disability benefits are failing to appeal and ceasing receiving medical care. The first is more common. Many applicants believe that because they have been denied, they will be denied again if they appeal and so will have no chance of being found disabled. However, many applicants will be found disabled at a later phase after being initially denied, so it is important to appeal until at least the hearing level. At the hearing level, the help of a qualified Denver disability attorney may increase your odds of being found disabled.

The second, less common mistake is stopping medical treatment. For some claimants with chronic health issues, they might not feel as if medical treatment has actually been helping them, and so they may decide it is not worth the hassle. This is a problem not only because medically speaking, those with chronic problems need help the most, but also because medical treatment records serve as important evidence in a disability claim.

If you have been denied disability benefits, contact Denver disability lawyer John Cimino by filling out the claim evaluation form on this website.