Estimate Limitations

Estimating Your Limitations

In disability cases, the administrative law judge will want to know certain information about any limitations that you have because of your disability. For example, an inquiry will be made into how much you can pick up, how far you are able to walk, how long you can sit down, how long you are able to stand up, and so on. When asked these questions, you must be prepared to give the judge a real estimate of what you are able to do. Thus, it is imperative that you consider your answers to these questions prior to your hearing. A competent Denver disability lawyer can further assist you in preparing for your case.

Social Security disability hearings are not court hearings, such as the ones you may have seen on TV. In regular court hearings, attorneys always advise the litigants not to volunteer any additional information over what the question asked. However, in Social Security hearings, this rule is not applicable, and in all reality, if you do not “volunteer” information, you will not be providing the judge with all the needed information to decide your case.

For example, if a judge asks you about how far you can walk, instead of answering in a simple manner, “a block or two,” you should get into a more detailed discussion about your ability to walk by noting whether or not you need to stop and rest while you walk, how you felt after completing the walk, whether or not you had issues when attempting to walk further, what you needed to do when you returned home from the walk, etc. Simply put, you should speak to the judge in a normal manner, much like you would talk to a good friend of yours, and explain what took place in a thorough and concise way.

It has always been quite evident that people who speak to the judge as though he or she is an old friend will likely give him or her a more thorough picture into their lifestyles and how their disabilities have affected their way of life. Speaking in a frank manner will give a lot of insight and important information to the judge through the use of some good examples and pertinent details.

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