Hearing Advice

Advice for Your Denver Social Security Disability Hearing

You made the smart decision to appeal the denial of your Social Security disability claim. And now it is time to go to your disability hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ). You need to be well prepared by considering what you should wear and how you should act at your hearing. An experienced Denver disability attorney can assist you in properly preparing for your hearing so that you can increase your chances of obtaining a favorable decision.

It is crucial that all of your documents and medical evidence are in order on the day of your hearing. It is also very important for you to dress appropriately. Although you do not have to wear a suit, you should also not attend your hearing in torn jeans and a dirty shirt. You need to show the ALJ the respect he or she deserves by dressing appropriately for your hearing.

Additionally, you should also not discuss your case in the hallways prior to the start of your hearing. There may be Social Security representative that overhear and misunderstand the conversation regarding your case.

When the ALJ asks you questions during your hearing, do not answer them unless you fully understand the question. You do not want your Social Security disability claim denied because you misunderstood the question. You can ask for further clarification from your Denver disability attorney.

Lastly, it is crucial that you turn off all mobile devices. This can be a disruption to your case and may upset the ALJ.

Your appearance before the ALJ can be stressful and intimidating. But remember that you are not in trouble and there is no reason to be nervous. This is the only chance you will have to explain why you deserve Social Security disability benefits. Go to your hearing knowing that you are well prepared and have a skilled and reputable Denver disability attorney on your side.

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