I’m Worried That I Don’t Have Enough Objective Evidence of My Impairment

Do not worry if your Social Security disability claim relies in part on subjective evidence. While your Denver disability benefits claim requires some objective evidence, that objective evidence alone does not provide a complete picture to the Social Security Administration of any disability. Without some subjective evidence, it is sometimes impossible to describe just how severely your disability impairs you. In this article, a Denver disability lawyer explains how you can use subjective evidence to prove your disability.

One of the primary pieces of subjective evidence is your doctor’s written opinions regarding your disability. Your doctor will need to evaluate whether or not your description of your symptoms is consistent with a medically recognized disability. If it does, your doctor will need to provide his professional opinion as to what your disability prevents you from doing and allows you to do.

Your doctor’s evaluation of the effect of your disability is arguably more important than the strength of the objective evidence you have. Because a single medical condition can have different effects on different people, the Social Security Administration cannot determine how disabled you are just by comparing you to other people with your disability. There are just too many variables that can affect your level of impairment: environmental conditions, psychological factors, medical history, etc.

Even though the Social Security Administration took all these steps to ensure they have a complete picture of your condition on which to base their disability determination, it can and does make mistakes. If you believe you have been unfairly been denied Social Security disability benefits, call Denver disability lawyer John Cimino today for a free consultation.