Selecting & Preparing Witnesses

Selecting Witnesses for Your Denver Disability Hearing

At Social Security disability hearings, having non-expert witnesses who can offer honest, clear-cut testimony can prove to be the deciding factor in your disability claim. There are hardly ever any disability claims under the Social Security Act that do not call for the use of a good lay witness. That said, your Denver disability attorney will certainly not want all of your friends and family to speak on your behalf; but instead, you and your attorney will choose a couple of witnesses who can substantiate and, where possible, enhance your testimony.

However, one of the first things that should be done prior to choosing which witnesses will testify is to have them screened very carefully. Your attorney should get rid of those who have a hard time expressing themselves, those who are not interested in testifying, those who do not have sufficient personal knowledge of any part of the case, and those who have an over-inflated opinion of themselves. Some of the most common lay witnesses are your spouse or partner, your grown children (and sometimes minor children depending on their ages), other family members and close friends.

Quite often, close friends and family members are the only ones who can give the judge useful information in their testimony. Nevertheless, sometimes judges have a tendency to view family and close friends as being less objective than others, such as neighbors, former co-workers or employers and other professional associates. For that reason, depending on the exact issues that are involved in your case, you may want to consider using possible witnesses who are not inside your immediate circle of family and friends. If you need a Denver disability attorney, please call John Cimino for a free consultation.

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