Inside the Social Security Hearing Room

Denver Disability Attorney Prepares You For the Social Security Hearing Room

A Denver disability attorney will advise you regarding what evidence and which witnesses to present specific to your Social Security administrative hearing. However, know that this hearing before the administrative law judge (ALJ) is intentionally meant to be an informal and relaxed experience. The ALJ’s role is to gather all the information that he or she needs to make an informed decision regarding your disability claim. To this end, it is in the ALJ’s best interest that you feel at ease and act like yourself, and are able to talk easily with the Judge.

Do not expect to be seated on the “witness stand” as you would in a court hearing. At your administrative hearing, you, your attorney, your witnesses, and the ALJ will most likely be seated around a conference table. In some instances, the ALJ may summons a doctor or other relevant person to provide testimony. These witnesses will be in the room too. Additional persons may be present with your consent. You will strategize with your Denver disability attorney who should and should not be present at this hearing. However, you and all witnesses will provide testimony under oath, and only one person will give testimony at a time. The proceedings will be recorded. The recording is normally done on a computer by the judge’s assistant, and then put onto a CD.

It is very important that you show respect to the ALJ. It may be an informal hearing, but the ALJ still has the power to positively or negatively decide your case. Your Denver disability attorney will likely provide you with insight specific to your judge. But in general, be polite and friendly when addressing and answering the questions by the ALJ. Do not try to impress the ALJ with fancy legalese; just be yourself. Also, do not look to your witnesses for answers to questions asked of you. Just answer the ALJ directly as best you can.

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