Understanding the ‘Trial Work Period’

The Purpose of the Trial Work Period

Your Denver, Colorado disability lawyer can help you if you are considering reentering the workforce while still receiving disability payments. For beneficiaries receiving either Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) or supplemental security income (SSI), it can become overwhelmingly frustrating being unable to work each day. However, due to a disabling illness or injury, beneficiaries often experience anxiety at the thought of returning to work so abruptly.

In response to these concerns, the Social Security Administration (SSA) permits beneficiaries to ease into the workforce while still receiving monthly benefits. This way, the beneficiary does not stand to lose his benefits for trying to work, only to end up unable to work and without SSI or SSDI income.

Effect of the Trial Work Period

The SSA permits beneficiaries to work on a trial basis for up to nine months without experiencing a reduction or loss of benefits. If at any time during the trial the beneficiary realizes he cannot continue working and must remain on disability, the trial period and resulting income will not affect the amount of benefits. As your Denver, Colorado disability lawyer will explain, beneficiaries are free to remain on disability as long as their condition does not improve to the point they can resume work.

Part-Time Work

Some beneficiaries attempt to ease into the workforce part-time while still receiving benefits. To their surprise, the SSA “counts” months working part-time toward the nine-month trial work period maximum. As well, months spent working need not be consecutive and the SSA will aggregate all working months over a five-year period to determine whether the trial work period has expired.

Triggering Trial Work Period

As of 2012, a monthly income of $720 or greater will trigger the trial work period and that month will count toward the nine-month maximum.

Need Assistance?

We know that the SSA does not always make benefits easy to understand or clear cut. If you are in need of a Denver, Colorado disability lawyer with the requisite experience and qualifications to handle your disability case, contact attorney John Cimino at 303-830-7274 today.