The Use of Vocational Experts in at Your Social Security Disability Hearing

A Denver Social Security lawyer can explain the two main vocational issues that will have to be addressed at your Social Security disability hearing.

Specific Demands of Past Work

First, the Social Security Administration’s administrative law judge deciding your case wants to know the specific physical and mental demands of your past relevant work, as you performed it. It is not always necessary for a vocational expert (VE) to answer this question. Rather, the claimant is technically qualified under the Social Security regulations to provide the answer.  However, if a VE is present at your administrative hearing, he or she will surely be asked this question by the administrative law judge. The VE may be asked to testify about your job in particular, or about the demands of your type of job in the national economy generally. The information provided by the VE on this point is useful to the judge and allowed in the regulations to supplement the information that you provide.

The Job as It Was Normally Done

However, the testimony of the VE is particularly important for the next issue. You should seek the advice of a knowledgeable Denver Social Security lawyer in a situation where although you are not be able to perform any past relevant work, your past job duties were excessive for what that type of work normally requires. The judge will have to determine if you are able to fulfill the tasks required of any past relevant jobs as they are typically performed throughout the country. A VE is looked upon by the administrative law judge to provide information about the physical and mental demands of your former type of job. Specifically, the Social Security Administration will want the VE to explain the demands of the job, in terms of how employers ordinarily require it to be performed throughout the country. Your Denver Social Security lawyer should explain that you will not be determined disabled if you are found to be able to perform past relevant work as it is ordinarily performed.

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