Denver disability lawyer John Cimino is committed to assisting you in your fight for Social Security disability benefits. In creating this website, Mr. Cimino wanted to provide a place online that demonstrated his experience in all disability-related matters while also allowing potential clients to read helpful articles that could educate them about the often-complex process of winning disability benefits. If you want an attorney who is not only compassionate and caring, but also tireless in his resolve to help his disabled clients win the benefits they deserve, call Mr. Cimino today.

Formerly a distinguished bankruptcy attorney who reviewed nearly 10,000 cases as a Chapter 7 Trustee for the District of Colorado, Mr. Cimino has been referred to as a “veteran” trial attorney by the Honorable Sidney B. Brooks, and he brings this experience to the disability cases that he now handles. You can rest assured that Mr. Cimino will aggressively pursue your disability benefits. He will deal with the Social Security Administration so that you don’t have to worry about the many rules and regulations that apply to the benefits process.

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Am I Disabled Enough?

Am I Disabled Enough to Apply for Denver Social Security Disability Benefits?
If you are disabled and incapable doing jobs that you could previously perform, you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. However, you need to brace yourself for a long journey and the possibility of several denials until you are actually approved for disability benefits. An experienced and reputable Denver disability lawyer will be able to provide you with the guidance and legal assistance necessary to get the benefits that you deserve.

The application process for disability benefits is long and frustratingly slow. It is very challenging to convince the Social Security Administrative that you are “disabled,” even when you genuinely cannot work. However difficult of a task it may be, it is not impossible. If you are initially denied, you have the option to file a request for “reconsideration.” If you are again denied, you can appeal your claim to be heard before an administrative law judge. At this stage of the appeal, your chances of success nearly double.

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What to Expect at Your Social Security Disability Hearing

In preparation for your Social Security disability hearing, you Denver disability lawyer will explain not only the best manner in which you should testify, but also how the procedure of the hearing will be conducted.  This will allow you to feel more at ease and as a result your testimony will be that much more […]

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If You Receive a Favorable Decision in Your Disability Hearing

Your Colorado disability lawyer will counsel you that once you have received a favorable decision, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will automatically begin processing your benefit award.  However, you may have some questions as to how exactly the process works. How Far Back Will My Benefits Go? Your benefits do not begin on the date […]

The Social Security Disability Hearing Procedure

Denver disability attorney Explains the Social Security Disability Hearing Procedure The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a published manual, known as the HALLEX, which among other things establishes the procedure for a claimant’s disability hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ.) Your Denver disability attorney can explain, however, that the SSA regulations concerning the hearing are […]

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